How to Choose Automatic Garage Door Opener

automatic gate openers Perth

Automatic garage door openers as the name suggests, are the garage door openers, by which you can operate your garage doors automatically, without any manual effort. These garage door openers function with the help of a motor.

There are different types of automatic garage door openers in the market, suitable for residential, commercial and industrial users. If you just talk about our city Perth, there are reputed manufacturers and installers of garage doors, automatic garage door motors, roller shutters and so on.

The prime way of classifying automatic garage door openers is through the mechanism by which their motor operates, which can be any of the following:

  1. Chain drive
  2. Screw drive
  3. Belt drive
  4. Direct Drive
  5. Jackshaft

But, the mechanism is just one component of automatic garage door opener; there are many other features as well. And hence, looking at the numerous options, how to choose the automatic garage door opener can be a tricky question. Considering the following factors can help you to take this decision:

  1. Noise: Chain driven and screw driven motors are noisy as compared to the belt-driven motors. While direct driven and jackshaft motors are even quieter than belt-driven. So, you must choose the appropriate opener, considering the noise that different types of motors make.
  2. Battery backup: As the motor is operated by the electricity, some of the openers have the feature of battery backup, wherein you can open the garage door in case of power failure. While some of the garage doors are equipped with an overriding key, by which you can open the door manually in case of power outage or failure.
  3. Overhead lights: These lights are of use when we are using the garage. While some garage door openers come with lights that need to be switched on and off manually, some come with the sensors that automatically activate them when you are in the garage.
  4. Horsepower of the motor: You can choose the motor with low or high horsepower depending on:

The mechanism with which the motor operates

Type of use, i.e. residential or industrial

The frequency of your use

The weight of the garage door

The material of the garage door, i.e. wood, aluminum, etc

  1. Current: You can choose from the AC or DC current motor for your automatic garage door opener. DC motors are preferred by most, due to their advantages.
  2. Safety: This is the most important aspect of the garage door opener. Your automatic garage door opener should be equipped with the latest security features such as rolling code technology for remote control, keychain type remote control, automatic sensors, reversal system, etc.
  3. Ease of access: Many garage door openers come with the feature, by which you open the garage door with the help of your mobile phone. Some also have built-in WI-FI. You can also get the controls built into your vehicle and operate the garage door openers by sending signals from your vehicle.

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