Benefits of using concrete house slabs for your home

You often have a question in your mind that which type of slab foundation is best for your house? Then don’t worry, in this blog this question of yours will definitely be solved!

A slab of concrete is best fitted to your solution. As it is commonly a structural element of the modern building. Horizontal slabs which are of steel reinforced concrete, typically between 4 and 20 inches i.e. 100 and 500 millimeters thick, are most often used to construct floors and ceilings, while thinner slabs are also used for exterior paving. Concrete slabs development in Melbourne can be your next best option.

There are various pros and cons of various types of slab foundation but it is your personal preference that what you choose. But if you struggling while climbing stairs, then a concrete slab foundation might be better because crawl spaces add height and steps to negotiate.

What are the benefits of using concrete house slabs?

  • Homes based on concrete slabs have less danger of flooding or leaking gasses, which makes a more beneficial condition than homes worked over crawl spaces and basements that are defenseless to flooding, gas leakage and mold.
  • It provides durability:  Concrete’s high encapsulated energy can be balanced by its permanence. If reinforcement is accurately outlined and put, and if the Concrete is put and compacted well then there are no voids or porous areas and thus concrete slabs can have a practically boundless life expectancy.
  • Termite resistance: For least termite risk, construction of your house should be done with the help of concrete slabs which is composed and built as per Australian Standards to have negligible shrinkage breaking. Joints, penetrationsand the edge of the slab ought to be dealt with.
  • It provides quality to your house: Acoustics should be considered. For the most part, concrete slabs are an extraordinary approach to diminish the exchange of music or discussion noise starting with one level of a home then onto the next, and between rooms on a similar level. These airborne noises are not transmitted through a concrete slab. So, an acoustics barrier in form of concrete slab must be introduced in the ceiling to reduce the noise.

After getting inspired by these benefits, if you want to construct concrete house slabs in Melbourne, then straightway contact to Calconstructions, who are recommended for high quality and reliable services for concrete slabs in Melbourne.


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