7 Useful different ideas for wedding Photography

Look at your news feed; do you see it? Open your windows or walk down the streets; do you see them? The networks are jammed with invites and it won’t be surprising to know that every street of Brisbane has a bride and her retinue, planning the big day. Yes, it is that time of the year, people; it is wedding season! Amongst the busiest people this season are the photographers. Good photographers usually come with their own truckload of ideas but it makes their job easier if you know what you want. Even the best wedding photographer in Brisbane will be able to get you better pictures if you bring something to the table. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. A Slice Of History: Every relationship has a unique history. Try to capture that in a picture; recreate an old picture or take a picture at the place where you met. It will add personality to your album to make it a little different from every other album out there.

  1. Make It A Family Pack: A Wedding involves two whole families; that’s those many interesting people! Make them a part of the album. Plan pictures with them. Fun fact: the only thing cuter than little girls in flouncy dresses are dads watching their daughters walking down the aisle. It would be criminal to not get these things in pictures.

  1. Look On The Brighter Side: In Brisbane, wedding photography can’t exclude the breezy, sunny outdoors. Make the best of it. Take a few shots outside with your better half to capture the warmth of the day.

  1. Use Personal Props: Did he buy you your first bike? Did she buy you the first edition copy of your favorite book? Use those as props. Bring those memories before the lens to make pictures that tell your story.

  1. Use Brisbane: In a world where cities change before our very eyes, you might want to take a round of Brisbane and scout for beautiful locations that you’d want preserved. Pro Tip: pick a historic monument so that you can recreate the picture on your 50th anniversary!

  1. Use Your Theme: There are practically no weddings these days that don’t have a theme. Use yours in planned pictures. Use the bridesmaids and flower girls, the ushers and the groomsmen to show off the theme that you’ve so carefully picked.

  1. Make Them About You: Your album will be unique if it is about you. So pour your personality into the pictures. If you are the goofy types, don’t hesitate to take a few crazy shots. If you are the calm, serene couple, make pictures to portray that peace. Don’t try to be or do something that you are not.

Your wedding album is something that you’ll look back upon and marvel at over the many years to come so discuss what you want with your photographer. But on the wedding day, leave the clicking and framing to them; you just have fun!


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