Construction Estimating Mistakes

Construction Estimating Mistakes

Construction is not an easy job as it requires extensive and detailed planning and successful execution to attain the objectives behind the activity.

The extent of risk factor in the construction business is pretty high and that’s why construction contractors or companies need to pay extra focus and have back up plan ready for all types of contingencies.

Estimating time, labor and money is the usual practice followed by the people in this industry – be it construction companies, concrete contractors, earth moving contractors, demolition contractors and so on. The chances of making mistakes in this process are significant and that’s why you need to learn about them in order to avoid the same.

construction-1717899_960_720As concrete is increasingly used in our city, it can prove costly to the concrete contractors in Melbourne if they commit any such mistake.

Following are some of the common construction estimating mistakes:

  1. Using conventional way: Most of the contractors and their employees perform calculations regarding cost by hand, which leaves huge scope for errors and ignorance of many factors. Therefore, you must use latest and reliable software for projecting costs related to material, labor, equipment, financing, etc. knowing the correct costs can lead to better calculation of profit margin and thereby arriving at the right sale price.
  2. Bird eye’s view: Do not estimate the cost and labor on the basis of surface observations. Try to take a deep look at the various matters of the project. Include all the minor aspects for accurate estimates.
  3. Partial knowledge: Nobody is an expert at everything in life. You may have all the knowledge regarding estimation for floors, but you may lack the same in case of windows or any other part of the project. And hence, instead of making rough estimates, you should take the help of people who are specialized in the concerned area. By this, you can make your calculations error-free and also enhance your knowledge.
  4. Labor: Human aspect of any task is difficult to predict due to several reasons. And in case of construction works, it becomes difficult due to unawareness about the experience and expertise held by the workmen hired. You may just calculate the rate on an hourly basis for the required number of people, but their efficiency is known only later, which in unfavorable circumstances, might compel you to hire extra members.
  5. Improper allocation of resources: You must invest time in the different areas of the project, according to the cost involved in them.

Taking care of important points and avoiding the above mistakes can reap you enormous profits in your business of construction.

With the rising favorability for concrete slabs, driveways, etc. concrete contractors in Melbourne need to be extra cautious to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity and build a reputation for themselves in the market.


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