The Importance of Wheel Alignment and Tyre Balancing

Mobile tyre fitting services

Misalignment of the wheels increases wear and deterioration of the tires, and mechanical parts of the steering may be affected. Due to the dragging effect of the tires caused by misalignment, the vehicle consumes more fuel. Proper alignment of the 4 wheels ensures optimum performance and the best performance of your vehicle.

Alignment or balance of the wheels

People often confuse wheel alignment and balance, which are completely different. Coming up next, we tell you.

Why does wheel alignment misalign?

Sometimes the alignment of the wheels gets out of hand when they hit a curb in a blunt manner or by very repetitive small strokes. It can also be out of order by entering a bump at high speed or in the event of a collision.

What is alignment or parallelism?

The alignment of the wheels or parallelism, as it is sometimes called, is to parallel the wheels of each axle and parallel the axles to each other, and to adjust the different angles of the wheels, according to the values ​​established by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

The main parameters of the steering geometry are convergence or divergence, positive or negative fall, etc.

Balancing of the tires

When the rotating objects are no longer symmetrical imbalance is inevitable. It can be caused by uneven wear of car tires, for example, if the convergence is not set correctly. Usually you can see from the steering wheel vibration as the speed increases and can compromise the safety or even cause damage to the suspension and the steering. In this case, recourse to mobile tyre repair service for the alignment of the wheels and the balancing of tires.

Methods of balancing tires

However, the balancing of the mobile tyre repair service should be made not only when there are problems, but, at best, at every tire change. The workshops have special equipment that simulate the car’s performance and measure the performance of the tire rolling. It is sometimes used as an accurate electronic balance and the tires should not even be removed from the vehicle.

A possible imbalance can be detected with both methods and then be corrected by the insertion of counterweights on the inside or outside of the rim. These counterweights bring into balance the distribution of the masses and are stuck or glued. In addition, there are ready to use counterweights.

Wheel alignment

If the convergence of your vehicle is not set correctly, you’ll know when you go straight on: the wheel seems to shake. Even over steer or under steer in a curve can be a sign of the need to align the wheels. But convergence also has an effect on ‘ the tire wear. The tread will wear more on one side and the tires need to be replaced before. The convergence is the measure of narrower or wider spacing between the front and rear part of the wheels of the same axle.


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