What makes LED Signs a “must have” for Your Outdoor Advertising

At present, the concept of LED advertising signs advertising encompasses what has traditionally been known as outdoor advertising and indoor advertising. The segmentation of this medium has undoubtedly made possible its specialization and the increase of the offer in the market. However, until a few years ago, the OOH medium did not have structured studies to confirm its impact on the consumer, which generated doubts in the advertiser when establishing its investment budgets.

Why should I choose posters with LEDs?

There are many advantages that the LEDs offer the user, being one of the most important the low energy consumption. Even so, we should not despise that this device has a longer life than other types of luminous signs such as neon and fluorescent, that their time of ignition is much shorter, reduce the emission of heat, have a longer life long, etc. With real examples, we can say that luminous signs with LEDs have a longevity of approximately 100,000 hours, can be easily designed according to our tastes, weigh very little, are very resistant and ensure a great impact for what we want to advertise and for our business .

Less time, more creativity

A study conducted found that the time it takes a person to observe an outdoor advertising ad is on average less than one second, exactly 0.8 seconds. Thus the time factor, undoubtedly, determines the focus of the strategy that an advertiser should have when thinking of an external format. Colors, flashy shapes and short texts are the elements that are easier to read for a passer-by.

These are some of the results of the study of 84 people who are mobilized by bus and private car, with ages between 25 and 35 years:

  • On average, people remember 60% of the marks they observe during the tour.
  • Of that percentage, 76% of the information is correct.
  • The maximum fixing times for an advertising piece are 3.5 seconds for bus passengers, 2.35 seconds for passengers, 3.06 seconds for car companions and 1.23 seconds for car drivers.
  • The percentage of participants who observed at least one advertising piece is 100% for bus passengers, 81% for passengers, 100% for car attendants and 38% for car drivers.
  • A person observes 1 of every 3 pieces advertising in its route.
  • Five Golden Rules

For some years, the LED advertising signs highlighted what could be the golden rule when it comes to implementing an OOH strategy in the future. Some of them are:

  • Forget to reach the mass and concentrate on the target audience, however small.
  • Take into account what people do on the street at each moment of the day and, consequently, how it acts.
  • Location is just as important as knowing what mentality people have that lives or transits the area where the ad is placed.
  • Learning that being able to put just one fence in the city can play in favor. Press the special on the saturator.
  • The choice of means that will complement the outdoor campaign is the key. Outdoor advertising does not work just as well with all of them.

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