Tips To Easily Clean Your Shutters, Blinds and Shades


So, you have returned home after a long time and you see that the blinds, shades and shutters of your house are covered with dust and dirt because it rained heavily in your absence. You never had to clean these things before and now you do. You have searched all over the internet how to clean blinds and shades and shutters, but you have not found any easy way out. For those who have these items in their houses, it would be best to keep a cotton cloth handy all the time. Here are few easy tips that will help clean shades and blinds and also shutters quickly:

  • Cleaning blinds with a magic ingredient – there are numerous ways to clean custom blinds and shutters, but the easiest way is to search in your kitchen and get the bottle of vinegar out. The next thing you will need is a pair of cotton socks or gloves. Take the vinegar and pour it in a small bowl. Next, wear the glove or sock on your hand and dip the tip of your fingers in the bowl. Slowly run the finger on the place where dirt and grime has accumulated in the blind. If you see the professionals of wooden blinds Kent, you will notice that they do not use the same cloth for the entire blind. The best thing to do would be to rinse the glove after cleaning a few lines or using different sets of gloves.
  • Cleaning shutters in minutes –window shutters can look to be very decorative when they are clean. But, if you have to clean them after a few months, you need to know some tips and tricks to finish the work quickly. Shutters are easy maintenance and they can be cleaned easily. You need to take a mild soap, soft cotton cloth and water. According to the experts, shutters South London can be cleaned by taking dipping the cotton cloth in soap water and cleaning the shutters. Next, take clean water and clean cotton cloth and dry the areas that have been cleaned. Simple, isn’t it?
  • Cleaning shades in a jiffy – dust and dirt in shades can easily come off if you are using a vacuum cleaner. However, it would be wise to keep a soft brush attached to the suction hose so that there is a two way cleaning. You will not have to waste much time with water and soap in this case.

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