10 Benefits to Renting a Compactor

Rent it or purchase it? Difficult decision right? There has always been a debate on this topic. Both options have their own set of advantages but renting is becoming popular these days because of the benefits it offers. To help you pick the right option, we are presenting the benefits of renting a compactor:

  1. The renting agreement includes preventive maintenance. There is no worry of any disturbances during production which can waste your time and money due to system failure. The performance of the system will be first class because of regular maintenance. The compactor rental services in Albury Wodonga offers regular maintenance for their equipment.
  2. Even if the system breaks down during production, you don’t need to pay money because service issues comes under the renting agreement.
  3. The most amazing thing is your rental payments are tax deductible.
  4. Installation and freight is covered in the rental amount. It saves you the additional expenses.
  5. Technology is continuously evolving hence new and advanced models of compactors keep hitting the market. If you purchase the equipment it may get obsolete in a few years. But when it comes to renting, you can always rent the most advanced model in market for your production unit.
  6. When the rental term is finished, you can renew the contract for up to 30 more months with same rates. The compactor rental services in Albury Wodonga takes care of proper installation.
  7. Your working capital is conserved when you decide to take the equipment out on rent.
  8. Renting eliminates the risk of blanket liens, so your other assets remain safe.
  9. Without compactors, the waste piles up at your production unit and presents a risk to the safety of workers. Renting a compactor will improve the workplace safety.
  10. When you rent the compactor it literally pays for itself considering the amount of money saved by not purchasing the equipment.

If you don’t have frequent use of a compactor, it’s best to rent it. There is no need to clear the mechanical waste every day. You can just rent it for some days, clear all the trash and return it. There is no point of having such an expensive piece of equipment sit idle for months.


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