Interactive LED Billboards That Are Just Brilliant

Gone are the days when billboards were seen as just an eye-sore. The brand new innovative way of outdoor advertising can be seen in the form of interactive LED billboards that are actually brilliant. They have proved that the billboards are not mere distraction for the crowd outside their homes. It’s not just an invasion in the air space of people, it’s more than that. It serves actual purposes of outdoor advertising with its innovative approach. It’s worth the appreciation how brands are using these LED advertising screens to create interesting, useful and interactive advertising.

Before we move forward to see how they are brilliant in execution, let me tell you what they actually are. In simple terms, these LED billboards are used to redeem advertising or factual messages to people who are passing by these giant display screens. To get a clear picture, it is quite different from the LCD screens on laptops or cell phones. They are actually a collection of highly effective and bright LEDs to display crystal clear imagery. Considering the technical or regulatory factors, the content flashed on these screens may be a continuation of slides with pictures, a high quality video broadcasting, some animation sequence or their combination.

Working: Reading its description, you must be excited to know how they work. Read on to know about the working of these LED advertising screens.

  • These interactive billboards consist of modules housing the LED lamps, wires and electronic components in an aluminium or steel quad.
  • Every module (square/rectangular) weighs about 110-150lbs.
  • Its structure makes it modular which means specific or standard sized modules can be built ahead of time, kept in store and then stacked to create different shapes or sizes.
  • Its modularity helps to meet the specific requirements of different customers.

Features: Interactive LED billboards are known for its splendid efficiency and excellent features. Read on to learn about their features.

  • Lower costs: Due to the standardized approach followed in the making and assembling of these billboards, the final result comes out in the form of lower costs. Low costs are the cause of its increasing use and popularity.
  • Faster delivery times: Due to the efficient electronic configurations these led billboards are known for their faster delivery times. These computer controlled devices are able to change messages multiple times during a campaign, making it even more effective.
  • Customer experience: The standardized approach followed in the manufacturing of these LED advertising billboards results in the ease with which customers can choose the shape and size of their billboards.
  • Visual impact: These interactive billboards excel at the efficiency in creating excellent visual impacts with the use of dynamic content. This is the reason why they have been quite successful in replacing those traditional static billboards, employed in both roadside and other applications.
  • Software application: These billboards provide the manufacturers an option for its remote scheduling with the help of software. This feature can be used to easily change the content on one LED billboard, many billboards or sometimes even the whole network.
  • Social media: These are capable of streaming posts from social media, countdowns and the live match scores turning the world into a digitalised one.

With its cutting-edge features, these billboards are proving a brand new way to reach the traffic for advertisement of brands. No doubt, these interactive LED billboards have successfully managed to take outdoor advertising at a whole new level


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