How to choose the right Knuckle Boom lift

The boom lift is specifically designed to reach the difficult gaps and tight spaces where other machines cannot reach. The specific needs of every site are different and thus each site requires a machine that is suitable for their unique needs. The knuckle boom lift comes in many different specifications and this makes it especially difficult for the company to decide the right one for them. In this blog, I will be discussing some important strategies that will help you in selecting the right knuckle boom lift.

Before rounding upon a boom lift, you must have a knowledge of the different forms of boom lifts. Of course, the most common form of boom lift is knuckle boom lift. The knuckle boom lift is a platform that has a mounted-on arm that has a swiveling base. Due to its high usability, you can easily get this knuckle boom hire in Albury and Wodonga. Another form of boom lift is called telescopic boom lift and they are primarily used when there is a need for reaching a greater height. Even this form of boom lift can be found at Skylift Hire & Rentals in Albury and Wodonga. However, since this blog is about the knuckle or articulating boom lifts, we will not take telescopic boom into further consideration.

You can hire knuckle boom lift in Albury and Wodonga in two different forms, that is, with an electric engine and with a diesel engine. The load-bearing capacity of both lifts is different, the capacity of the diesel variation being higher. You should take this fact into consideration before finalising your selection.

After deciding the type of engine, you must take the following 4 aspects into consideration when hiring the knuckle boom lift in Albury and Wodonga.

The maximum height: There are many knuckle boom lifts in the market today and each of these vary in their specifications, most importantly in height. The maximum height of the knuckle boom platform can range from 14 meters to more than 30 meters. Due to this reason, a proper assessment of the site’s present and future demands should be noted before hiring a boom lift.

The type of ground on site: The type of ground of your site is another factor that will determine the selection of boom lift. The ground determines the heaviness of the machine and also whether you should go for a model with a track or a wheel.

Platform capacity: This factor will be determined by the number of people that will be working on the job. Also, the type of material used on the site will determine this factor.

Weight and space restriction: Read the specifications of your boom and see if the weight and space restriction are in accordance with your site needs.



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