7 Elegant Ways To Reuse Old Wooden Window Shutters In A Unique Way!!

Window shutters are window coverings made up of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. Shutters are useful for a myriad of reasons such as controlling the amount of sunlight that enters your house, secure your house against weather, and make your house aesthetically appealing among others. You may find shutters in your garage, house or backyard without any use, but have you considered using them in a unique way such that they could serve useful purposes instead of being wasted. Yes, there are numerous ways in which you could use shutters.

Here we present you 7 ways in which you could reuse old wooden window shutters in a unique way-

  • Photo Display Piece – There are many people who don’t have old window shutters, however there are plenty of old but clean shutters available out there in the market that you could get your hands on at a cheap price. You could use these old shutters as Photo Display piece and hang your photos there. The old character of the shutter would provide a unique feel when you look at them.

  • Organiser – Tired of collecting and keeping your important items such as Keys, wallets, sunglasses, etc at one place. You could hang and keep your important stuff on the windows shutters and bring a neat and tidy feel to your home.

  • Plantations – What could be better than repurposing old shutters as vertical gardens? You could raise some plants on the strong window shutters and bring aesthetically appealing feel to your house. It would be even better to keep it in your kitchen and plant some herbs for use in kitchen.

  • Table – One more fascinating use could be turning them into tables to be kept in the hall. These shutters are bold and strong which would hold some weights easily. A little bit of redesign would add charm to the tables and turn it into a utilitarian item.

  • Wall Design – Window shutters could be painted with colours which match up with your walls and planted on the wall for a beautiful look. They could even be just hung in an intact condition and the look would still be appreciable.

  • Storage units – This would take a little bit effort but modifying them to make storage units like cupboards and shelves could serve good purpose. You could find inspiration from web in this regard.

  • Mail Drop Box – These shutters could be easily converted into mail drop box. It would add uniqueness to your house and serve utilitarian purposes too. Important items such as cups, sunglasses, etc could be hanged too.

So here we mentioned 7 ways out of zillions in which you could use old shutters. In case you plan to buy new shutters, visit Inshutters.co.uk, we provide numerous shutters such as Full Height shutters, Tier-on-Tier Shutters, Bay Window Shutters, Tracked shutters, Custom shaped shutters, and Cafe styled shutters, among others.

Contact us today to experience a change.


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