How To Care For Fresh Flowers So They Last Longer

A vase of fresh flowers in our home or workplace will instantly add some cheer. Unfortunately, most fresh cut flowers do not last terribly long, and it may be a giant bummer when your flowers begin wilting and drooping in only a couple of days. Different types of flowers need different care, but here are 5 general tips from florists to help extend the lifetime of your freshly cut flowers. But, before that, remember that flower delivery in Ho Chi Minh delivers fresh cut flowers at your doorstep.

1. Water

Adding water to the vase is the best way to help flower arrangements stay fresh and last longer. Keep in mind that the more flowers in the arrangement, the requirement for water can increase. Since many designs of cut flowers consume more water than others, make sure daily that the water level is maintained, adding more as necessary.

2. Filtered Water

Feeding normal water to most cut flowers is sufficient. Tap water is completely fine to use for flower arrangements, so do not feel as you need to feed them Evian. Ho Chi Minh flower delivery suggests you that it is smart to use filtered water instead of tap water, though, surely all kinds of plants that square measure are best known to measure longer. For a prized plant like a genus Phalaenopsis, or moth orchid, or a blooming plant like a peace lily, using filtered water, might be a worthy investment to guarantee that your plant’s flowers keep their freshest for as long as possible.

3. Cutting

In order to make your flowers absorb the most water possible, you will need to cut the ends of the stems. Keep trimming them daily, when you change the water within the vase. Once a flower is out of water for a couple of seconds, the stems dry up, therefore it must be recut to take in the water. To induce the most effective cut, flower delivery in Ho Chi Minh uses sharp scissors and cut the bottom-most inch off the stems at an angle instead of cutting straight across.

4. Flower Foods

Your bouquet of flowers will come with a little packet (usually square); do not toss it in the trash! Packets of small-grained flower food will facilitate nourishment for your flowers, making them last longer. Most flower food contains sugar (nutrients), an acidifier (to maintain the water’s pH scale level and facilitate the stems water absorption), and bleach (to scale back bacteria in the water). Instead of dumping in the whole packet quickly, sprinkle it sparsely.

5. Sterilize

When it involves flowers, cleanliness matters. A clean vase stuffed with fresh water is the best way to keep your flowers contemporary. We flower delivery experts in Ho Chi Minh recommend that before putting flowers in a jar, you should disinfect the vase with bleach and water. Simple soap and water should work too, however, use bleach if you wish to be extra careful.


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