Jackhammer – 6 common mistakes you should avoid

A jackhammer is a pneumatic tool that combines a hammer directly with a chisel. Jackhammers are powered by compressed air as well as electric motors. They are used to break rock, pavement, and concrete. It is usually used like a hammer to break the hard surface or rock in construction works. When you decide to use the jackhammer for some purpose, avoid these 6 common mistakes for your own safety:

  1. Not selecting the right tool for your application: Jackhammers are quite heavy and they need to be balanced properly to reduce the risk of accidents. There are different types of jackhammer rental in Albury Wodonga like electric jackhammers, hydraulic jackhammers, and pneumatic jackhammers. Make sure you choose the right tool that is perfectly suitable for your application. There are heavy and medium capacity jackhammers, find out which one you need to serve your purpose.
  2. Starting the operation without inspecting jackhammer: When you get a jackhammer for hire in Albury Wodonga inspect it and associated equipment first for defect or damage. Make sure all components are complete, securely in place and in good condition. Do not forget to do this inspection before every shift or start of operations.
  3. To be ignorant about wearing proper PPE(Personal Protection Equipment): You should wear eye protection, hearing protection, steel-toed boots and safety gloves while using jackhammer rental in Albury Wodonga. Ignoring use of PPE can prove highly dangerous to you.
  4. Wrong selection of point: You should be careful about choosing the proper point for material to be broken. Use rock point for rock, spade point for asphalt and chisel point for concrete. Do not ever use broken or cracked point.
  5. It is important to release the air trigger while lifting up the jackhammer for hire in Albury Wodonga. If jackhammer trigger is operated when the jackhammer is not held down by pressure, it can jump around without control and can seriously injure the worker.
  6. Operating defective jackhammer: Jackhammers can prove really dangerous if not handled with care. When you find that a jackhammer is defective, do not dare to use it. Immediately remove the defective jackhammer and send it for repair.

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