10 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

The following is the list of 10 most beautiful flowers in the world:

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1. Cherry Blossom

This flower comes from the genus Prunus, they are very popular in various cultures across the world. The blossoming of these flowers is taken as a sign of the arrival of the spring. Their blooming period starts by the end of March or the beginning of April and it lasts for around 14 days. Flower delivery services in Ho Chi Minh can easily provide delivery of this flower.

2. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid
This flower was created by a team of expert plant breeders and is not made naturally. This flower is multilayered and can contain up to five colors. Since these flowers have to be bred artificially, they are very hard to purchase even at Ho Chi Minh flower delivery shops.

3. Dahlia

This plant is native to the Central and South America and its characteristic features are its bushy and perennial form. There are around 30 species of this plant and they can also be availed for flower delivery in Ho Chi Minh. This flower derives its name from a botanist called Anders Dahl.

4. Bleeding Heart

Despite their spooky name, these flowers are one of the most beautiful, almost fairy-like. These flowers come in primarily one of the three colors, namely, white, pink, or red. The Ho Chi Minh flower delivery services have these flowers between the months of April and June.

5. Water Lilies

These flowers are considered to be the queen of the aquatic flowers. There are more than 70 breeds of water lilies and they all grow in still and shallow waters. A large portion of customers prefer to buy these flowers at Ho Chi Minh flower delivery stores. Apart from their astonishing beauty, these flowers also help in aiding the aquatic ecosystem by moderating temperatures and providing habitat to creatures.

6. Gazania

This flower is native to South America, resembles a daisy and is also popularly referred to as the treasure flower. Gazania is a brightly colored flower with a very attractive silvery green leaves.

7. Tulips

This is one of the most famous flowers in the world and it is widely used as a form of a gift across multiple cultures. The majority of the cultivation of this flower takes place in Southern Europe, from where it is sent to various regions of the world.

8. White Lotus

This flower is also referred to as tiger lotus or Egyptian water lily. This flower is native to SouthEast Asia and East Africa and it comes from the plant family Nymphaeaceae.

9. Plumeria

This flower is considered to have the sweetest fragrance. Once you smell this flower, you feel like doing it over and over again.

10. Orchid

Orchids are the largest plant family in the world and they have more than 25,000 known species across the world. Their vibrant colors and unique statues make them amongst the most beautiful flowers in the world.


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