Special Ways to Surprise Your Husband on His Birthday

We often expect from a man to remember the special dates because they tend to forget them, feeling special when they do remember and arrange something to make us feel special. However, men are very emotional and can be pampered easily with a little effort to make them feel special on their birthday and you are good to go for the whole year.


Few ideas could be:

  • Flowers and love notes

Flowers are not only a women’s best friend, they excite men too. Arrange his favourite flowers from send flowers to Vietnam and see a soothing smile on his face. Don’t forget to add some good love notes just to let him know how special he is for you. This will definitely make him feel special and appreciated. Just write on how important he is for you and the family of course.

  • Arrange a movie date

Arrange for a movie night with his all-time favourite movie with some good ambience. It will definitely bring on the best in him. Try adding some good soothing drinks and his favourite flavoured popcorn. Just two of you and the romantic ambience will definitely end up on a best note. Don’t be a spoil sport and just try adding on some good massage session from time to time while he enjoys the movie. This will be a magical night for you both mark me on that.

  • Favourite food and drink

Yes, it’s true that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Prepare his favourite food and serve him hot, that will be the gesture he will appreciate the most. Not over the top & neither less. If preparing is a havoc or you feel you are not a good cook or you don’t want to go wrong on this special day then you should try ordering the food from the place where he liked the most but make sure you serve it hot. Add his favourite drink for celebrating his special day. Enjoy some good food and make him feel special after you are done with the food and drinks. You can also turn on some good music and a candle night table for adding a little more drama and effort to be appreciated.

  • A romantic bath

A birthday could be a perfect time to make him relax and let him be the king for the day. Arrange a bathtub with warm water, good fragrance of bubble and candles to maximise your effort and create a great ambience for him to feel romantic. This will surely make both of you feel special and bring on that spark of romance. It’s just that you have to be a part of it and enjoy yourself while making him comfortable and try soothing his bath while it lasts.

  • Call for his parents

If your husband is staying away from his parents, then what better day it could be to call for his parents to celebrate his birthday together. A woman who binds the family together is a favourite kind of woman for his husband. A special day with his special people will be the best day for him. Also, you can try bringing in his other relatives whom he is comfortable with so that the day don’t turn out to be one boring family get together. Arrange the stay for the guests too.

  • Call for a friend’s get together

You can throw a surprise party which is very basic but still you can add on special elements and make it special by inviting or bringing in friends he hasn’t met him since a long time. Such friends add happiness and great zeal to the person’s life. Such get together turns out to be memorable too. Try to make the party happening which again depends upon the kind of entertainment your husband prefers. Try not to go beyond limits.

  • Organise a short trip

Celebrating birthday all alone on his favourite place can be the best surprise for his birthday. Take a day off from the regular routine and spend some quality time with your man on a place you both can enjoy each other’s company. Just don’t forget to do prior booking and planning or you may go wrong if it collides with official obligations. Just make the trip for only you two, for lighting up the romantic spark.


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