How to Best Operate a Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift Hire Albury Wodonga

Scissor lifts are operated by the workers of construction, electrical, interior maintenance, retails and manufacturing industries. They are characterized by extendable platform and crisscross framework. All the operators have to take an intensive scissor lift training to operate the scissor lift and to prevent scissor lift accidents at all the levels. We today have jolted down some important pointers on how to best operate a scissor lift:

  • General Operation Tips – Scissor lifts are basically scaffold work platforms which helps the workers move vertically to their respective work areas. Even they seem to be easy and safer than the normal grilled lifts used in construction sites, but there are plenty of hazards that come while operating scissor lifts. Hence following points are to be kept in mind while operating these lifts:
  1. Check the work site for any potential visible hazard like holes, bumps or pedestrians
  2. Perform a pre-operational trail of the scissor lift to avoid any mis happening
  3. Wearing the correct clothing including hats, gloves and rubber shoes
  4. Read the manufacturer instruction thoroughly before operating a scissor lift
  5. Regard for the safety of others and obey the procedures at all the times.
  6. Do not attach ropes or chains to the guard rails or use a crane
  7. Do not stand or sit on the guard rails
  • Fall protection – The workers need to be well harnessed before stepping on the lift. It is the operator’s responsibility to check thoroughly all the safety equipments and measures before hand. Do not raise platform on slopes or drive onto elevated slopes. Check the tyres of the machine in advance. Do not operate with damaged tyres. All the tyres should adhere to the safety guidelines.
  • Stabilization – The scissor lift operators must ensure that the lift is on a stable and even ground to avoid any tripping over. Choosing a firm ground surface and working only in good weather condition is a must. Do not raise platform on windy and dusty conditions. Over loading can also lead to an accident. Do not over ride safety devices. Always be careful not to raise the platform while machine is on a truck, forklift or on any other vehicle. Do not use ladder or other device to increase the height of the lift as it can be proved to be dangerous for the worker.
  • Others – this includes the basic principals one operator should follow like:
  1. Respect for safety of both the operator and the worker
  2. Demonstrate good work habits, productivity, efficiency and reliability
  3. Demonstrate respect for property and rules
  4. Any person operating the scissor lift must be familiar with all the procedures and safety instructions
  5. Maintain safe distance from electric products as these machines are not insulated
  6. Make sure that the batteries are fully charged. Remember to disconnect the battery charger before operating.
  • Shutdown Instructions – once the operation designed is completed, the operator should ensure to bring the scissor lift very slowly without any jolts downwards. If the scissor lift is brought down too fast the worker might get hurt or trip down.

So these were the some basic operating tips of a scissor lift. With the advancement of technologies such as scissor life hire Albury Wodonga, we have managed to create some very useful and time saving machines. But with them comes a bundle of hazards which if not taken care of in advance can lead to fatal accidents. The best way to avoid this is to adhere to the basic rules and procedures.


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