Advantages and disadvantages of Renting Construction Equipment

Advantages of renting construction equipments:

There are several advantages of leasing or renting construction equipments:

  • You are able to get good quality equipments at cost-effective prices.

  • You stop paying uselessly for your equipments. If your construction project needs specific equipment for a short duration only, then it’s worth to rent it.

  • The rental market is competitive, if you hire from reputed rental services, you are able to get high-tech equipments for getting your jobs done faster and more efficiently.

  • Renting equipments help in maintenance, repairs and spare parts. Renting heavy equipments like jack hammer is also easy as you are out of the burden of maintenance. The company from where you have hired your construction equipments will only take care of the maintenance of the equipments. This will save your money as well as keep you tension free.

  • Construction equipments can be bigger as well, but what after using them? Storing such big equipments can cost huge, but with equipment rental services you get the advantage of free storage of equipments.

  • If you rent the construction equipment from a rental company which is local to your project site, you save the extra cost on transport.

  • Some projects require specialized equipments like jack hammer. Renting specialized equipments will help you to save your expenses and expand your business without investing much on the equipments. You can use the saved capital on other new projects.

  • Renting construction equipments is definitely favorable over buying as you can save lot of money which you would not be able to do if you buy the equipment.

  • Renting construction equipments helps in tax deductions over buying the equipments as rental costs are often deductible as business expenses.

  • The renting company carries the risks if the equipment breaks down.

  • You get professional help for equipment services when needed.

Disadvantages of renting equipment:

There are also some disadvantages of renting equipments:

  • Sometimes you may have to make payments in advance

  • Sometimes it can be more expensive than if you buy the assets outright

  • You may be blocked with agreements, which may be difficult to end.

  • Renting agreements can be more complex to manage.

  • You have to get VAT-registration to make a renting agreement

  • When you rent the equipment, you don’t get the ownership and have to be leaded always.

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