5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Classy Conference Tables for Your Office

Buying any kind of furniture for your workspace is technically different from buying furniture products for a home ambiance. Office conference tables, work desks, and special chairs are each designed to specifically make a person more comfortable during long work hours. Also, any specialized office furniture is always designed to fit more people within a limited space. However, certain individual features also play an important role in this selection process.

Here are 5 of the most important factors to consider when selecting the right kind of tables for different areas of your workspace –

(a) Material – Office furniture materials should be both durable, and light weight. The best modern materials for any kind of furniture in a workplace are a combination of high quality composites, and metal parts. Typical cheap plastic furniture is usually quite unimpressive, and would lower the class of your work floor. If you have a large space at your disposal, you could consider hard wood furniture, but this isn’t a very practical choice. Hard wood will require extensive maintenance; and that could be a hassle in a busy workplace!

Though many office conference tables may have a hard wood top; composite is always the more practical choice. If you are determined to buy hardwood furniture on the other hand; you should have an experienced carpenter come in to polish, and repair the tables on a regular basis. In the fast paced workplaces of today, such maintenance schedules are difficult to manage and coordinate. It is much more convenient to repair, change, or relocate a large desk or workstation made of lighter composite materials.

(b) Shape – Tables are best when they have a defined geometric shape, though you can try some unique curved designs if you want to. However, the classic ‘Oval’ or ‘Circular’ shape is considered the most practical for conference purposes. The uniform distance between people seated at different points on the table reflect a sense of professional etiquette, and equality. Also, circular shapes conserve more space for movement within a confined area!

The shape and general features of your conference tables, reception desks, and individual workstations depend entirely on the available space you have, and the particular brand you choose. Also, shape is one of major factors that define the practical ergonomics of furniture. Some of the top brands making modular office furniture provide customized services; whereby they actually design, and fit-out the right kind of furniture for your needs.

(c) Flexibility – It is very convenient if the larger elements of your furnishing are flexible and modifiable according to different needs. Some large office conference tables can be split into two or more smaller sections; while smaller workstations can be brought together for a team project. Though not all brands manufacture such uniquely flexible office furniture, your vendor should be able to give you a better idea.

This flexibility should also reflect when changing up your floor plan, or moving to a new location. Always buy furniture of neutral colours which can blend well into most formal decor. If you’re changing the chairs, partition screens, or other elements of your office furniture; your tables should not stand out as odd elements of your office decor.

(d) Functionality – Several different features would define ‘functionality’ when it comes to office furniture; and these mostly depend on the specific purposes for that table or workstation. For example, most work desks have straight edges to give a person the advantage of more space during their work. Also, these are typically higher, at chest-level to suit the needs of a person typing. On the other hand, the office conference tables or meeting room tables have rounded edges, and are usually set lower; so that two people facing one another can have a better view of each other’s body language! These are some of the hidden design features which add true functionality to well designed workplace furniture.

(e) Practicality – Practicality is perhaps the biggest look-out when buying any furniture for a workspace. A conference table must not be a large, space consuming showpiece; while an executive office chair should not feel like a recliner! Practical furniture for offices should always be a careful balance between comfort and functionality, where style and ergonomics are equally important. From the way a person’s arms rest while typing, to the number of drawers on a work desk, to the recline of the chair – every aspect is a vital clue! The overall practicality of your furniture will eventually help make it a productive element within the workspace.


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